Spring is springing and summer’s not far behind.  This season brings warm, enjoyable weather perfect for gathering with friends and enjoying lots of treats off your grill fueled with Griller’s Gold Natural Hardwood pellets

So here’s the situation: Your friends have gathered for an impromptu get-together in your backyard (or deck, patio, garage, etc…) and you want to whip up some tasty barbecue for them, but you don’t have hours to do it. 

Here’s a quick rundown of things you can cook HOT AND FAST on your pellet grill fueled by Griller’s Gold Natural Hardwood pellets.

Set up your grill for HOT AND FAST grilling and smoking:

While “HOT AND FAST” seems like the antithesis of classic low and slow grilling, the results you can get with it are amazing and delicious – but … also different than what you get with low and slow. 

To set up your grill for HOT AND FAST, simply fire up your pellet grill (making sure your hopper is loaded with your favorite Griller’s Gold flavor) and turn up the heat.  We like to go at 400 degrees for HOT AND FAST barbecue! 

Now this all said, smoke production at hot temps is much lower on most grills than it is at low and slow temperatures. If you are looking for that good smoky flavor as well, there are a couple of easy solutions:

  • Smoke Tube:  These are stainless steel perforated tubes that you fill with Griller’s Gold pellets and light one end with a propane torch. That starts the pellets smoldering and will fill your grill with great smoke flavor when you place it on the grill.  Here’s one that works great:  https://a.co/d/9xCEIwv
  • “Cigar”: This is kind of a “DIY smoke tube” that works on the same concept.  Take two pieces of heavy-duty foil about the size of a sheet of standard paper, stack them up and roll them into a tube, crimping one end closed.  Fill it full of your favorite Griller’s Gold pellets, leaving one end open, then using a sharp stick or skewer, poke holes all over it.  Light the pellets through the open end and place it on the grill!
  • Placement:  In either case, place it AWAY from your temperature sensor – you don’t want the extra heat to cause your grill to run cool.

hints for Running HOt: 

Since you’re going to be running hot, it helps to have a clean grill. If it’s been a while since you cleaned your grill’s heat plate, give that a scrape or change the foil covering on it.  You don’t want a grease fire. 

Also, make sure you have your supply of Griller’s Gold pellets at the ready – rolling hot and fast for a few hours will use a surprising amount of pellets. You don’t want to run out.

Choosing What to Cook – Hot & Fast

So, what to cook?  Here are four ideas on how to deliver that wonderful BBQ flavor in just a couple of hours for your impromptu crowd.

HOT AND FAST Baby Back Ribs:

Baby Backs are perfect for this as they cook quicker than St. Louis Cut ribs (or spare ribs) and respond just fine to the high heat.

We like to cut the slabs into 3 rib pieces right from the start – that helps them cook more quickly. Season with your favorite rib rub, put them on, and turn them every 30 minutes until they are at least 165 degrees in the thick meaty part. Then sauce them up and leave them on for 10 minutes more.

Note, due to the hot heat, these will be more “toothsome” and not “fall off the bone” like low and slows can be.  But they WILL be very tasty. These ideally cook between 90 minutes to 2 hours with the thinner pieces getting done first.

HOT AND FAST Country Style Ribs:  

So let’s make sure we point out the misnomer of country-style ribs.  These are actually pork shoulder or Boston Butt pork roasts cut into 2” thick and wide strips. They aren’t “ribs” any more than boneless wings were ever flapped by a chicken! That doesn’t mean they aren’t tasty! 

For technique and seasoning – the same as Baby Backs – season with your favorite rub, cook to between 165 and 180 degrees (which should take 90 minutes to 2 hours max) then sauce up, leave for 10 extra minutes, and serve hot off the grill!

HOT AND FAST Butterflied Pork Shoulder or Boston Butt:

So when you hear Boston Butt and pork shoulder, you think of classic, low and slow cooked, pulled pork, right?

To make this hot & fast, take that roast, remove the bone, and then butterfly it by slicing it down the long way into two big pieces about 2” thick.

Season these up as you would ribs with your favorite rub and throw them on the grill.  In about 2 hours, you should be at around 165 degrees.

Take it off and slice it fairly thin across the grain and you’ll have absolutely delicious, juicy slices of delicious pork with a wonderful barbecue flavor.  This is especially good when you’re running a smoke tube. 

This is also fantastic for making Cuban sandwiches. Sliced pork combined with slice ham, Swiss cheese, yellow mustard, and pickles on a French baguette, smashed down on a panini press! Fantastic!

HOT AND FAST Beef Chuck Roast:

Beef Chuck Roasts are one of the most versatile things you can cook on your pellet grill.  Go low and slow and they are the “budget priced brisket” – giving a brisket-like flavor for a fraction of the price.  But cooked hot and fast, then sliced thin across the grain and kissed with smoke flavor, you’ll think you’re dining at a fine Texas steakhouse. 

Texas Style Chuck Roasts

We like to do our HOT AND FAST chuck roasts Texas style. We season them up with “SPG”. This is a blend of good kosher salt, granulated garlic, and coarsely ground black pepper.  You can mix this up yourself (2 parts salt, 1 part each garlic and pepper) or it’s easily found in barbecue stores pre-mixed.  Normally, the GG Barbecue Crew is all about the homemade rubs. But because we find we use it all the time on things like burgers, steaks, fish, and even potato wedges on the grill, we have started buying premixed SPG.

After seasoning, put it on the grill, turning it every 10 minutes like a big, thick steak. We find that medium rare to medium (130-145 degrees) works best for the doneness of chuck. Too low and it’s tough, too high and it’s dry. 

Once it’s hit desired doneness, let it rest under foil on the platter for at least 15 minutes and then carve. Then separate the various muscles, trim off and discard any gristle or silver skin. Then slice the meat into nice slices across the grain. 

Served with sauce or not, this is a sublime way to get your beef on in a pretty short time!

One of the best parts of summer is doing impromptu things. Impromptu grilling and barbecue doesn’t mean you’re limited to burgers, dogs, brats, and chicken breasts. You can make great authentic barbecue in a very short time!

Until next time!

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