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Today’s consumer wants to upgrade their grilling.

Griller’s Gold is the new, premium wood pellet grill fuel, bringing the best 100% natural wood flavor to your customers who hunger for grilling excellence and wouldn’t ever serve ‘average’ BBQ.

New Griller’s Gold premium wood BBQ pellets make championship-quality grilling happen. Griller’s Gold comes in five great, all-natural flavors.

Why carry Griller’s Gold Premium BBQ Pellets?


Griller’s Gold Premium BBQ Pellets are produced in Ladysmith, Wisconsin, by Indeck. Our privately held company has almost a decade of experience in developing high quality wood pellets. We’re committed to all our products and our retail partners. Our established distribution and logistics network, service and support systems, and brand-building marketing and advertising all combine to contribute to the success of retailers like you.

Griller’s Gold Quality Statement


  • 100% natural wood – no chemicals, glues or additives, just the good stuff
  • Wood pellets that are a great source of grilling heat because they contain very low levels of moisture
  • Small, uniform wood pellets that are easy to dispense into grills, and easy to store
  • Wood that’s a renewable resource. And it’s trimmings from whole tree trunks – so every last bit of wood goodness goes to work. These pellets have a purpose – firing up BBQs and bringing all-natural flavor to your customer’s grilled food
  • Premium wood BBQ pellets that are Made in the USA

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