Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a special grill to use Griller’s Gold wood pellets?

No. While it is recommended that a wood pellet grill is used, there are many grilling accessories available which allow you to use wood pellets on traditional gas or charcoal grills.

Why are Griller’s Gold wood pellets better than wood chunks for grilling, cooking, or smoking?
Wood pellets are a great source of grilling heat because they contain very low levels of moisture. They’re small, condensed, and uniform in size, so they’re easy to store, measure, and use.
What are the ingredients in Griller’s Gold pellets?
Griller’s Gold contains only one ingredient: Natural wood. No additives. The delicious flavors that Griller’s Gold adds to BBQ is derived from a proprietary combination of one or more of these wood species: Maple, Hickory, Cherry, Apple, Mesquite, and Oak.
What is the recipe for each Griller’s Gold flavor?
We’re glad you asked! Our proprietary wood blends below were created to deliver the perfect balance of flavor to your delicious outdoor cooking.

Competition – Maple, Hickory & Cherry
Fruitwood – Maple, Cherry & Apple
Smokehouse – Oak, Hickory & Mesquite
Hickory – Maple & Hickory
Cherry – Maple & Cherry

How should I store my pellets?
Keep your Griller’s Gold pellets in their bags after opening. Keep the open bags in a sealed plastic or metal container to protect from humidity. Remember, humidity is the enemy of a good hot grill.
How long does a bag of pellets last?
Typically, a wood pellet grill uses between 1 and 3 lbs of pellets per hour. Use your pellets for smoking, and they’ll last about 3 times as long as they do when you’re grilling on high.
Are Griller's Gold pellets made in the USA?
Yes, our pellets are made with wood sourced from regions across the USA. The 100% wood pellets are produced in Ladysmith, Wisconsin.
What happens if I mix pellet flavors?
Good things happen when you mix pellet flavors! Experiment. Get creative. Discover the tastes that taste best to you. That individual spark is what makes BBQ better every time.

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