Whether it’s a hearty and savory one-dish morning meal, or a sweet sandwich that will bring back childhood memories, or a great bread to enjoy at home or take to a friend’s, there’s a lot of flavor in brunch dishes from the grill. (Bonus: Enjoy any of these brunch dishes with pumpkin spice latte – unless that’s not your thing, at which point just forget we mentioned it…)

Breakfast pizza with sausage gravy

This sausage-and-gravy-and-pizza recipe delivers all the classic flavors of a Southern breakfast — on a pizza crust! Make the sausage gravy indoors, and then turn your outdoor grill into a pizza oven. Spoon on the warm gravy and serve.

Grilled peanut butter banana sandwich

This is an insane sweet-spicy indulgence with minimal prep and cooking time. Assemble (preferably on cinnamon bread) and throw onto the grill in an uncovered skillet. Our favorite step is the recipe’s final one: “Pretend you are eleven. To make it totally official, eat with some potato chips.”

That pretty much says it.

Baking banana walnut bread on the grill

Sliced banana bread with walnuts

Follow your favorite family recipe – because with a wood pellet grill, you can control temperature for baking. And refer to The Wood Pellet Smoker & Grill Cookbook by Peter Jautaikis if you want a complete, delicious recipe. (You can order some Griller’s Gold pellets while you’re shopping.) Pumpkin bread is a great alternative.

Pizza, sandwiches, sweet baked goods – they’re all delicious grilled brunches with fall flavor. Have a great weekend.

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