Barbeque is what happens when the human brain decides to try amazing things with food and fire. Nowadays, we can all enjoy advances in barbecuing with some pretty impressively engineered wood pellet grills. And working in well-designed harmony with those barbecues are cutting-edge accessories. They make perfect gifts for the griller who wants the latest and greatest.

Just in case you haven’t heard, you can shop digitally, too. Like Griller’s Gold Premium BBQ Pellets, these grilling gifts are just a click away on Amazon.


Advanced BBQ Kit

Grilling gloves made of silicon to really, truly protect your hands from heat: check. (One reviewer says “I’ll never use fabric oven gloves again.”) An instant-read digital thermometer that switches between Fahrenheit to Celsius: check. Meat claws that may sound a bit savage, but use precise design and great materials to take the inconvenience and clumsiness out of shredding pork, beef, chicken: check.

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LED Gooseneck Grill Light

Keep cooking outdoors into the evening hours with the right light for grilling. The battery-powered LED light is bright. The long, flexible gooseneck lets you adjust the angle to see what you need on your grill. And oh, that magnetic, heavy aluminum base! It holds firmly, and of course, it’s heat resistant. You can also use the screw clamp to secure the light to either vertical or horizontal surface.

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Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling by Meathead Goldwyn

“Goldwyn, whose day job is running the website, explores the complexity of heat, meat, and smoke in the first half of his book, with a sense of humor sharper than his nickname suggests and a stack of scientific research provided by physicist Greg Blonder. Then he offers more than 100 recipes to take to the grill…[an] excellent guidebook.” —Publishers Weekly. And yes, it’s available in a digital edition as well as hardcover.

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Check out our guide to all-natural grilling goodies, too. And don’t forget to give yourself the gift of great wood pellet grilling with family, friends, and Griller’s Gold this holiday season. Cheers!



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