This summer, we’re serving up three great side dishes. They’re going to look kind of familiar, but each is deliciously distinct from its traditional picnic ancestor. What makes these sides the next generation of outdoor dining goodness? It’s simple. The main vegetable in each is grilled.


Corn off the cob

First up, check out this grilled corn salad. Why leave corn on the cob once you’ve roasted it up? Slice it off and then mix it into a bowl with fresh, colorful ingredients like green pepper, tomato, and red onion, with a cilantro and olive oil dressing. (From


Sophisticated spuds

Next, we have a creamy grilled potato salad. Start by browning and crisping up the potatoes on the grill, then go rich with a dressing of mayonnaise zipped up by pickle juice, paprika, and mustard. Add the crunch of chopped dill pickles and the yumminess of boiled eggs. (From


Slaw that slays

Finally, there’s this gorgeous grilled variation on a coleslaw theme, two-toned grilled cabbage wedges with spicy lime vinaigrette. (From


Learn more about mixing and matching these sides with other items on your BBQ menu here.

If burgers are your main dish choice, read this.



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