It’s that romantic dinner time of year again. At Griller’s Gold, we love the idea of special meals cooked in the intimacy of your own cozy home—on your own grill. Grilled pizzas and homemade hot-smoked salmon are two menu items that make the most of the irresistible...

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Tom McIntosh Grills Like a Champion—Because He is One

This is the first of two articles featuring Tom, a champion competitive griller sponsored in part by Griller’s Gold. Even in the days before he imagined competing, Tom McIntosh, leader of the T-Mac Smokin’ team—sponsored by Griller’s Gold—has used wood pellets for his...

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Backyard grilling vs. competition: What’s the difference?

Tom McIntosh leads the highly successful T-Mac Smokin’ Professional Competitive BBQ Team, sponsored in part by Griller’s Gold Premium BBQ Pellets. This is the second of two articles about Tom and his BBQ career. Tom grills at home, all the time. But it’s a different,...

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Hardworking gifts for the griller on your list

The best BBQ gifts take many forms—high-tech or homemade, sophisticated or simple. What they have in common is the ability to make a really delicious difference for the griller in your life. This holiday season, share the joy of BBQ with attitude.   Neatness...

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Fire up flavor with a smoker tube or box

So you want to know how to grill with that smoker box or tube that you’re thinking of buying? For curious cooks who want to check out wood pellet grilling without the full wood pellet grill, smoker tubes and boxes are great gear. They’re affordable, too. Unlike wood...

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Day of the Dead recipes & grilling ideas

If there’s food involved in a holiday, that’s an opportunity to grill. On the Mexican Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos), festivities revolve around ofrendas, colorful altars that honor the departed and include a spread of favorite foods. Let’s talk just a bit about the...

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Back to School 2: The Science of Grilling & Smoking

We admire the prodigious knowledge of Meathead Goldwyn at AmazingRibs.com and we love to share what we learn from him. What does he have to say about a scientific approach to best techniques for grilling and smoking meat? To understand the science of grilling, you’d...

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Tomatoes: The ultimate summer vegetable

Right now, at the height of summer, we dream of picking tomatoes that are still warm from the sun, slicing them, putting them on a plate with their juices flowing and enjoying them straight up.  They’re that good. Of course, make just a little more effort and your...

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Grilling is for side dishes, too

This summer, we’re serving up three great side dishes. They’re going to look kind of familiar, but each is deliciously distinct from its traditional picnic ancestor. What makes these sides the next generation of outdoor dining goodness? It’s simple. The main vegetable...

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