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Wood Pellet Burger Grilling Tips & Burger Trends

Get a new take on that griller’s favorite, the burger. Look at what’s popular in the burger world right now, and learn how to cook the perfect burger on your wood pellet grill.   Layer the smoked flavors When you’re using a wood pellet grill, great smoky flavor is a...

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Spring cleaning for your wood pellet grill/smoker

So it’s spring, and time to give your grill/smoker a serious cleaning to start the outdoor cooking season right. Cleaning your grill makes for better flavors. No, that build-up of smoke and soot really does not add anything tasty to your food. The experts agree: you’d...

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Menu planning 2: mix and match your menu items

If everything in your menu is the same flavor profile, the same texture, and the same temperature, it’s not exactly a menu. It’s more like meal-in-a-pot. We don’t object to one-dish suppers, but they’re not as exciting as menus with multiple dishes that celebrate...

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Grilling and Smoking Classic Easter Entrees

Lamb or ham? That is the question.   Does your family put a leg of lamb at the center of the Easter table every spring? Keep up the tradition but update it, too, by grilling your leg of lamb.   Methods of cooking lamb Many top chefs strongly encourage boning the leg...

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BBQ Menu Ideas 1: Make A Plan, Work The Plan

We’ve all been there. You head to the kitchen late Saturday morning, excited to start on that special BBQ meal you’re planning for the evening.  And then you open the recipe in the cookbook or magazine or on your tablet and look up ‘marinated flank steak’ or ‘cooking...

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Whatever the weather: winter grill and smoker tips

From the fine Floridians at Grill Junkie, here’s a whole lot of hot info on grilling and smoking in cool spells. Yes, even in Florida, wind and weather can challenge the outdoor cook. You need to make adjustments to help ensure success. Read this excerpt, check the...

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The BBQ Lover’s Valentine’s Day

Making Valentine’s Day dinner at home, lovingly handcrafting a very special meal, is about as romantic as it gets. Here are some heartwarming choices for the main dish. If you want steakhouse style, buy high-quality, thick New York strips, with their beautiful...

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BBQ Gifts: Digital Age Edition

Barbeque is what happens when the human brain decides to try amazing things with food and fire. Nowadays, we can all enjoy advances in barbecuing with some pretty impressively engineered wood pellet grills. And working in well-designed harmony with those barbecues are...

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BBQ Gifts: The All-Natural Edition

Barbeque is where nature meets human creativity—and appetite. At Griller’s Gold, we start out with an emphasis on nature. There’s only one ingredient in our wood BBQ pellets, and that’s all-natural wood. For this look at great grilling gifts, we’re keeping things...

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