Get Smokin’ Without a Pellet Grill

If the idea of natural wood flavor and smoky goodness gets your taste buds all excited, but you don’t have the latest and greatest pellet grill gear in your backyard yet, there’s no need to despair. Here’s the good news: you can buy accessories to use wood pellets on...

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Sauces of Honor: Pork

2017 Pick of the Pork Sauces: National Barbecue News Celebrating their 7th year of honoring great BBQ from across the nation, National Barbecue News recognized these labels as the top 11 sauces for pork. As in every year, the competition is open to both commercial...

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Getting to our Roots: Maple

Our wood pellets are made of just that—wood. It’s the only ingredient. Today, we’re going to talk about maple, a great wood for BBQ pellets and more.... Maple tree facts There are approximately 128 species, with the largest number native to Asia. Most maples are...

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Great grilling tips for grass fed beef

Because grass fed beef is extremely low in fat, nutrition and medical professionals sing its praises. (Grass fed beef has about the same amount of fat as skinless chicken.) But the extremely low-fat content that delivers those health benefits can also make overcooking...

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BBQ the Wisconsin way

Wisconsin is the home of Griller’s Gold premium wood BBQ pellets. (They’re made in Ladysmith, in the woodsy northwestern part of the state.) More and more, the state is also the home of barbecue competitions of note. In 2017, Wisconsin is putting on several big...

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Begin with the marinade and rub

More than ever, you should make a marinade or rub a part of your wood grilling routine. Whether you’re using BBQ wood pellets or any other grilling fuel, rubs and marinades contribute to fuller flavor and more delectable texture. (You probably knew that!) What's the...

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